What is Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE®?

December 10th, 2018 by

Mercedes-Benz E-Class dashboard

The Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® system offers peace of mind for Phoenix drivers by automatically activating features that protect vehicle occupants from injury in the event of a collision. Explore one of the most advanced of safety systems available in new Mercedes-Benz models at Mercedes-Benz of Chandler to find out how Mercedes-Benz is making passengers a priority, then schedule a test drive to learn more about Mercedes-Benz safety features.

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What Does the PRESAFE® Mercedes-Benz System Do?

Using advanced vehicle sensors the PRESAFE® can assess the likelihood of a collision, it will automatically activate specific measures to mitigate the severity of passenger injury during an impact. Here are the steps Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® takes:

  1. Front head restraints adjust position for maximum crash protection to reduce and prevent injuries.
  2. The windows and sunroof close if a rollover is imminent, to prevent dangerous debris from entering the cabin.
  3. Front safety belt tension is increased to protect occupants from injury.
  4. PRESAFE® Sound: In select models, the system can emit a special tone that causes a reaction in the inner ear to prevent the eardrums from damage.

The PRESAFE® and PRESAFE® Sound safety systems can work together with other safety features like Blind Spot Assist, Collision Prevention Assist, and more to take safety on Gilbert roads to the next level.

Which Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Have PRESAFE®?

Many new Mercedes-Benz models of all styles offer PRESAFE® standard or available for upgrade, so you don’t have to compromise on the luxury vehicle you want:

  • Cars: Mercedes-Benz C-Class, E-Class, S-Class,
  • Crossovers & SUVs: Mercedes-Benz GLA, GLC, GLE, GLS, G-Class
  • Sports Cars: Mercedes-Benz CLA, CLS, SLC, SL, GT

Contact your local dealer to find out if the vehicle you want to buy or lease is equipped with PRESAFE®.

What Is PRESAFE® Functions Limited?

If you purchase a vehicle with Mercedes-Benz Pre-Safe and you notice the dashboard warning “PRESAFE® Functions Limited,” Mercedes-Benz service may be needed. This warning notification appears if a sensor needs cleaning or adjustment, which can be performed if you schedule service at your Tempe area Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Explore Mercedes-Benz Safety at Mercedes-Benz of Chandler

Learn more about advanced Mercedes-Benz safety features like Lane Keeping Assist, DISTRONIC PLUS®, ATTENTION ASSIST®, EQ for Smart ForTwo, and more when you visit Mercedes-Benz of Chandler. Our experts can help you find the perfect car that fits your needs and has all the safety technology you want. Be sure to check our rotating Mercedes-Benz specials in Chandler.

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